Matt Herich
Web Developer & Digital Marketing Professional

About Me

I’m a professional web developer and digital marketing guru. I have experience building my own business¬†and thrive as a self-starting entrepreneur. My hobbies include swimming, reading, learning new random facts, and anything that has to do with the outdoors.

If you’re looking for someone to work on your website I’m the guy you’re looking for! Let’s talk, contact me at the bottom of this page! business optimizer matt herich



I learned everything about web development on my own. I’ve always been a quick learner and after going through an intense coding bootcamp I was off on my way developing websites for real people.

I’m a big advocate of continued learning and I make time to watch formal video courses every day on coursera, edX or Udemy. My interests include SEO, high level math, cryptography, machine learning and health.

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